Amber Waves of Grain 4oz Pot


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Color: Amber Waves of Grain - a warm soft mustard yellow Overview: Clay / Chalk / Mineral Base Paint is a 100% all natural product with no odours, Zero VOCs......

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Color: Amber Waves of Grain - a warm soft mustard yellow

Overview: Clay / Chalk / Mineral Base Paint is a 100% all natural product with no odours, Zero VOCs (chemicals) and contains NO LATEX and NO ACRYLIC like traditional paints or other competing ‘chalk based paint’ brands.

Surfaces: Paint will adhere to any surface such as wood, brick, plastic, glass, terracotta, fabric and more.

How To Use: Clay / Chalk / Mineral Base Paint requires little to no preparation when painting your furniture and home decor. There is no sanding, stripping or priming necessary. American Paint Company paints are self priming, and one to two coats generally gives complete coverage. We recommend cleaning your piece prior to beginning with soapy water or cleaner to remove grease and dirt. You must seal your project after paint dries to ensure paint adheres to your piece properly.

Suggested Products: We recommend cleaning your project with our all natural and 100% organic 'Surface Cleaner'. We also recommend sealing your piece with our all natural 'Vintage Antquing Wax' or durable liquid 'Top Coat' sealer.

Our No-No List: Zero VOC, Solvent Free, NO-Acrylic Co-polymers, No Fungicide, No Ethylene Glycol

Ingredients: Water, clay, chalk, porcelain clay, cellulose, alcohol ester (binder), titanium dioxide, preservative. Product contains no solvents, no V.O.C.

Application Range and Coverage: Approximate coverage depends on absorbency and texture of surface. After 2-4 hours of drying time, apply a second coat to achieve

optimum coverage. You may also mix with water (without effecting the color pigments) for more coverage. Quart coverage is approx. 75 square feet and sample pot coverage is approx. 10 square feet.

Furniture Project Ideas: Dining room tables, end tables, coffee tables, bar stools, fabric chairs, rocking chairs, china cabinets, kitchen cupboards, bathroom cabinets.

Home Decor Project Ideas: Picture frames, plastic Ikea mirrors, salt & pepper shakers, glass mason jars, terracotta pots, wood knife blocks

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