Welcome to the Mercantile Style

So, what is the Mercantile Style?

I wanted to start a blog that shared, with our friends and customers, our family’s journey of starting and running The Mercantile. As I started to jot down ideas of what I would write about, my list began to grow into a mish-mosh of topics. The result- Mercantile Style…a blog just about everything. Everything from our vintage finds, unique handcrafted goods, healthy lifestyle, DIY projects, raising 4-year-old Colin, my science teacher adventures, stories of Florida living, and the list goes on. As you follow, you may be surprised to find posts about topics you might consider not related to The Mercantile however; when you own a family business, everything you do is connected.

I hope Mercantile Style will not only share our journey but also allow me to meet and connect with people. The internet is full of wonderful people sharing and learning from each other…and I want in on the action! I hope you will enjoy this blog written by me, Kristi Gnage and enjoy seeing The Mercantile Style way of life.

…So who is Kristi Gnage?

I am a daughter, wife, mother, and teacher.

I am the daughter of David and Patricia Schultz owners and operators of The Brimfield Barn. The barn is located at Massachusetts’ world-famous Brimfield Flea Market regularly featured on Lara Spencer’s show “Flea Market Flip”. I grew up working the antique fields and learning the ropes of running a family business. I loved my childhood. Who else was able to skip school and make money selling sterling silver jewelry? Now, my parents have started a venture with my husband, David Gnage and opened The Mercantile in Plant City, Florida.

I am the wife of David Gnage, St Pete Florida native and graduate of Global Business from the University of Florida. I met my husband living in South Tampa while I was working at The Florida Aquarium. We have been married for 9 years and have a wonderful son named Colin. David has always been an entrepreneur and was happy to join forces with my parents to open The Mercantile. A choice I was a little skeptical of at first…I mean how many husbands can work happily and cooperatively with their in-laws?!?

I am the mother of Colin, a creative…curious…playful…and adventurous 4-year-old boy who keeps me on my toes. We are constantly on the move in our household.

Lastly,…I am a science teacher to 7th grade middle school students at Madeira Beach Fundamental School. I have been working for Pinellas County Schools for 7 years. Before classroom teaching I taught education programs at The Florida Aquarium in downtown Tampa, Florida. From diving with sharks to conducting labs on photosynthesis, I have been teaching about our natural world professionally for 20 years.

…however, my story does not end here, stay tuned as I begin my newest adventure with my parents, my husband and Colin as we journey through life together at The Mercantile Plant City, FL.

– I hope you enjoy my blog!

Kristi Gnage- Mercantile Style